Throughout camp, designers will participate in unique Project Runway-inspired design challenges. Designers of all levels begin their day with sewing skills and design techniques. Once the Squad has their basic skills in place, the challenges begin: drawing, conceptualizing, experimenting, collaborating, creating their own runway fashions from scratch!

Some of our previous design challenges included creating original superhero fashion from scrapped and salvaged material, repurposing thrift shop finds into fresh, edgy statement pieces, and designing ocean-inspired evening gowns for a photo shoot on the beach! Pictured here is Ali's creation using a dress she thrifted from Value Village and pieces of scrap upholstery from a decorating store in Westwood. And yes, she stole one of the pool tubes for her one-of-a-kind statement piece skirt. This phenomenal piece, along with 15 other creations, was featured in our first ever FLASHION MOB at the Garden State Mall.