A note from camp director, Victoria Pero

It is more important than ever to teach our young people how to take something previously considered useless and make it into something useful, beautiful, wearable and loved. If a child can envision the process of renewal through design, that child can create with little more than what the rest of the less imaginative world has thrown away. We are drowning in debris but I see that as awash in opportunity.  
At Chic Squad Fashion Camp, your child will be given the skills and tools to take the most ordinary items - old clothes, pieces of rubber, discarded bags, wire, mountains of paper, rolls of "mistake" fabric - and be challenged to create wearable art. In an entirely fun atmosphere, surrounded by highly trained counselors and 15 other eager learners, your young designer will learn countless skills experiencing surges in confidence and creativity as s/he comes to understand that everything needed to create and succeed is all around us and most importantly, inside our own spirits and minds.